A battleworn Paladin rescued from a castle.


Abigail is a Human Paladin, follower to the god, Helm.

She is 6 feet tall, average weight for her build. Pale skin, red hair and striking green eyes, she carries an aura of authority about her.


Abigail was rescued from demonic torture in an evil Keep. Once rescued, she declared that she and her compatriot, whom has not been named, were sent to cleanse the Keep of the cult that had arisen her. Through unknown means, the two were seperated and Abigail was eventually captured by the demonic forces patrolling the keep. This lasted for several weeks before the Party arrived, when she was liberated from the Chain Devil whom was torturing her.

This freedom came at a cost, as shortly after she was reunited with her comrade in arms, who’s soul and body had been use to form the Flesh Golem, Gromp, whom the Party had befriended. This put Abigail into a tailspin, sapping much of her will to carry out her god’s work.

After fighting their way through the chapel of the castle, Abigail parted ways with the Party, proclaiming her intention to abandon her calling and her Oath, and leaving through the castle doors towards an unknown fate.


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