The Fallen

Where we are, and where we're going.

Our team of “heroic” adventurers, with all the grace of propped up murder hobos, have successfully rescued their dwarven compatriot from certain doom from a ritualistic sacrifice. They have felled a young white dragon, found a dark and foreboding castle, and promptly looted it for all it was worth. Finding demons, undead, and other vile creatures, as well as a cuddly flesh golem by the name of Gromp, and a Paladin of Helm, Abigail, being tortured, the party fought through all challengers and cleansed the Keep, earning some nice loot (and some meaty bits) along the way.

Now, standing just outside the town of Falcon Crest, with only few loose ends to tie up, the adventurers are on the brink of a new beginning.


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